Entry #18

Screening RIGHT NOW in a theater near you!

2014-12-28 15:32:52 by MasterMerol

Get your tickets while you can, and bring your whole family with you!




Also aparently we are underdogs of the week now, which is pretty cool!


I gotta say, that is the one award i never thought I would get, mostly because I don't know what are the exact requirements you need to fulfill to get it. I actually googled it but i'm still kind of clueless. Needless to say it looks pretty damn cool! I guess that's one thing less off my bucket list.


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2014-12-28 21:52:52

Duuuuude!!! Nice to see you pop up in my feed after so long!

MasterMerol responds:

Hey it is JackTheGreatest! It's been forever, hasn't it? I apologize for that :/


2014-12-28 22:07:38

Yeah, man just watched and loved the flash by the way. I definitely have missed your thread.

MasterMerol responds:

Thank you! And believe me I would bump the hell out of that thread if I had something worth posting.


2015-04-21 09:25:28

What's the credits song? I can't find it.

Underdog of the Week is a Flash Portal award given to the submission with the highest difference between its rating and the average review score. This score is no longer shown anywhere since the redesign. Like the Review Crew Pick, this is an award which suggests a rather specialist/cult interest, leading to a smaller group of people giving the submission strong approval in the reviews. It is often won by a crew movie, where the crew members have more interest in it than the general voters of Newgrounds. This is not the case. It can only be won by a submission with over 30 reviews and probably is not too overly meaningful, but rather a more mechanical numeric achievement maybe.

MasterMerol responds:

That's "Gloomy Sunday" from the movie "Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod" (Gloomy Sunday).

Thanks for the clarification! I knew it had something to do with a difference between scores but dind't fully understand how it worked.


2015-04-24 14:06:33


MasterMerol responds:



2015-09-06 04:15:12



MasterMerol responds:


I didn't think anyone would read that crap, haha.