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I feared my sheep wouldn't make it in this, thanks for including it C:
There was a small mistake where one of the fence's ends didn't open though, but I understand it must have been hell putting all the parts together.

Overall this was pretty fun to watch and a lot faster than i expected. My favorite sheep are the balloon one that pops when it touches the ground and the thought bubble one.

Haha, I thought you were gonna do something more serious. I'm glad you didn't :)
The sound effect when she grabs the apple made me chuckle.

I took one star off the score though cause i don't get the screen inside apple joke and now I feel stupid.

WINprince responds:

there is a dumb tohou song called "Bad Apple" so I thought It could work toghether lol

And thanks for the comment man! I don't really care if you'll give me even one star!

Holy crap!!
Nothing to say that hasn't been said yet. This cartoon has an awesome everything!

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I finished it and it was awesome!!!
The gameplay was very good, but the controls could be much better. The graphics and the animations were very good too (except for the jumping animation, it was "ok", not "very good").

The bosses were very creative and the afro ball boss made me smile :) and I enjoyed beating the crap out of them. But the second boss had some glitches. After the first or second time he killed me, he just freezed, and it was damn easy to beat him. It happened in his first and second form, it didn't happened in his bat form. Also, at the final boss, when he is a floating thing, maybe was just me, but I think some of the purple balls that he throws at you were impossible to avoid.

It would be nice to have an actual ending scene, because I DIED SEVERAL TIMES AND I JUST WANTED A NICE ENDING SCENE!!!!!

But the game was really good, and, for me, you deserve a 10. But I just have to say that it would be good if you get an awesome medal when you finish it.


Hey man, this demo is pretty cool, nicely done, but it has a problem, a big problem, it freezes at the intro. I read what you said to "rhtfrj1", and i think, let's give this guy a chance. So, i waited about one minute in the freezed part and then it turns normal.
You should check it, fix it, and change the swf.
But apart from that, the game is pretty cool, and I want to play the final version.
Good Job.

You got my 5 points.
(sorry for my terrible english)

ResEve responds:

Thanks for giving it time instead of giving me a bad score.




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Lyrics would be much appreciated though, they would make following the story easier for me due to my short attention span.


sumidiotdude responds:

Haha, I'll see if I have the lyrics anywhere on this compy. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review, man!


Aliens AND Godzilla in the same place at the same time? This can't have a happy ending :(

Evil-Iron responds:

Well no. The guy did die you know :)


Hehe, I love this!! I don't know what else to say.

XenophobicMute responds:

Haha thank you. I'm glad someone else understands the joy that can be felt when pissing in some slag's soup.

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Loving the colors, and loving how you used the blue for the shadows.
My only problem is that his right ear looks like it is attached to his cheek rather than.... wherever the ears are suppossed to be attached (I don't know what that part of the head is called), other than that I like it very much!

Civilized-Apocalypse responds:

well did you want his ear on his DICK?


Sorry if this review sucks but i have nothing to critique, I love everything about this picture!!

I cracked at the wall of text.


I really don't have much to say.

Nice interpretation! Though the cliff wasn't actually visible from the town, it was kind of hidden, like a secret place that wasn't very secret.
I like the colors you picked a lot, specially the ones in the sand, sky and water.

Overall it reminds me of some kind of stained glass window!

I don't know what else to say other than I love it and THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Nice style!

TheZen responds:


Im glad you enjoy it!

The idea WAS where it was high enough to see both the town and sea, but i suppose if i do see how it could be turned so the town would not be visible.

But BOY do i just had a ton of fun drawin' it! ^_^////

Im happy you liked it, and cant wait to see more of your work too!


You bastards...

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